CompanionAbility LLC Resume

CompanionAbility LLC

Obedience Training For Dogs and Their Human Companions

CompanionAbility LLC Resume

CompanionAbility LLC is owned by Lynn Brezina, CPDT-KA. Lynn is a certified professional dog trainer.

  • Lynn began working in obedience in 1993 after more than 20 years of experience with show dogs. She is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.
  • Lynn was active in the Great Lakes English Springer Spaniel Breeders Association, from 1991 - 2008, where her various duties included president of the club and specialty show coordinator.
  • Lynn has trained her dogs with experts in conformation, tracking, hunting, herding, and agility.
  • Lynn has a Bachelor of Science degree from DePaul University, as well as, 75% of the hours required for a teaching certification in Early Childhood Education from Northeastern Illinois University.
  • CompanionAbility LLC unites Lynnís love of animals with her love of teaching.
  • CompanionAbility LLC is Bonded and Insured.
  • Lynn strives to utilize the most effective humane methods possible and to keep up with recent information. With that in mind, Lynn makes an effort to attend at least 3 seminars, conferences or workshops a year.
    • APDT conferences, numerous speakers, wet labs and field trips, 2003 - 2010
    • Advanced Canine Behavior with Patricia McConnell, Ph.D.
    • Training and Shelter Dog with Sue Sternberg
    • Dog Behavior, East Meets West, with Trish King and Pia Silvani
    • Know Way, Know How: The Science and Art of Training, Kathy Sdao
    • See Jean Speak, with Jean Donaldson
    • Canine Behavior, 'Behavior Evaluation', with Sue Sternberg
    • On-line Mentoring with Dr. Myrna Milani
    • Telecourse, Cats! with Dr. Kim Barry
    • Taking the Bite our of Aggression, with Dr. Myrna Milani
    • Telecourse, Living and Learning with Animals, Part I & Part II, The Fundamentals of Behavior, Susan G. Friedman, Ph.D., Utah State University, Certificate of Excellence
    • Telecourse, Order Out Of Chaos 1, Collecting and Analyzing a Comprehensive Canine Separation Anxiety History, Dr. Myrna Milani
    • Telecourse, Canine Aggression Behavior Management, with Joel Walton
    • Telecourse, Multiple Dogs, with Trish King
    • Demystifying Evo Devo, with Ray Coppinger, Ph.D. and Ken McCort
    • Canine Natural History Exploration: Mexico City with, Ray Coppinger
    • Dog Training In The 21st Century!, Roger Abrantes, Ph.D.
    • Shaping Away Aggression: Constructional Aggression Treatment; Dr. Jesus Rosales-Ruiz, Ph.D. & Kellie Snider
    • Rabies Challenge Fund: Dr. W. Jean Dodds Seminar
    • Canine Aggression: Problems & Solutions, presented by Sue Sternberg and John Rogerson
    • The Well Adjusted Dog Workshop: Secrets to Understanding Canine Behavior, with Dr. Nichols Dodman
    • Dog-Dog Group Dynamics, with Sue Sternberg
    • Telecourse: Bullying, with Trish King
    • Telecourse: Mobbing and Barking, with Ray Coppinger, Ph.D.
    • Dog Behavior: Innate, Developmental or Emergent, by Ray Coppinger, Ph.D., Wolf Park

  • Do You Want to Be a Dog Trainer?

    To become a good dog trainer you have to have a solid, comprehensive knowledge of dogs; everything from dog behavior, to training methods, to health, classroom management, professional ethics, equipment, and more. You also have to have a love of people, because all companion animals come to you with people. In fact, it is the people who need your help, not the dogs. An excellent place to start is with the academic 6 month program I have co-created with my colleague, Jamie Damato Migdal, AnimalSense Academy. You will learn about all things canine:

    • Evolution and ethology
    • Behavior,
    • Health
    • Equipment
    • Professional ethics
    • Classroom management
    • Learning theory
    • You will be required to do numerous hours of weekly observations of group classes, vet clinics, boarding facilities, groomers and pet supplies and dog parks
    Students are also required to hand in and present two research projects.

Winter, 2010 - 2011

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