CompanionAbility LLC Curriculum

CompanionAbility LLC

Obedience Training For Dogs and Their Human Companions

CompanionAbility LLC Curriculum

  • Private Lessons:
    • Basic Obedience for Puppies or Adults
    • Correct Nuisance Behaviors
    • Modify Other Behavioral Problems
    • Email or telephone (312) 771-1595
  • Group Classes:

    • Class Descriptions
      • Advanced beginner:
        • The class for puppies and dogs with basic obedience
        • Focused attention with outdoor distraction
        • Approaching other dogs and people calmly
        • Two minute sit and downs
        • Recalls off leash or on long line.
      • Advanced Beginner II:
        • Leash manners, for puppies and dogs with basic obedience or those who have taken Advanced Beginner I
        • This class focuses on loose leash walking for moderate distances and quiet, calm approaches to other dogs
      • Intermediate:
        • Off leash heeling
        • Mastering good on-leash behavior
        • Not crossing the streets without the signal
        • Two minute sits/5 minutes downs, with distractions
        • Recall
        • Basic signals with distance up to 20 feet
      • Evening Long Distance Walks:
        • Evening walks for puppies and dogs who can sustain long distance loose leash walking, with an eye toward off leash control
        • If you like a nice long walk, at a brisk pace, on a beautiful night, this is the class for you
        • You must be prepared to keep up
    • Proof of current vaccination is required before you and you puppy/dog will be permitted to join a group class. Vaccination against Kennel cough is recommended.
    • Dogs who are aggressive towards humans or other dogs are not permitted in group classes.
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