Cases & Materials for

Antitrust and Misuse Aspects of Intellectual Property

Course IP 411

The John Marshall Law School
Center for Intellectual Property Law

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Cases for IP 411

I. Introduction

A Constitutional Authority, Statutory Provisions & Rules

II Fraud and Misconduct During Patent and Trademark Office and Copyright Office Prosecution

A. The Duty of Disclosure in Patents

B. Trademark Fraud

Torres v. Torresela S. A. 808 F.2d 46, 1 U.S.P.Q. 2d 1483 (Fed. Cir., 1986)

C. Copyright Fraud

Copyright Fraud, Generally

III. Analytical Bases for misuse doctrine -- Equitable and Common Law Bases

A. Equity and Common Law

(1) Common law & Equity:

(2) Equity and Unclean Hands

(3) Public Interest and Equitable Remedies

(4) Implied License

B. Legal (or legalistic) approach: looking to common law, statutes, contracts, property law

IV. Analytical Bases for misuse doctrine -- Government Grant and Reward

A. Government grant, exhaustion, beyond scope of grant

B. Comparison of Analytical Approach - The Label License & Non-negotiated Licenses

C. Economic/reward modern view

V. Price

A Vertical Restraints

B. Horizontal Price Controls

C. Discriminatory Rates, Refusal to Negotiate

VI. Sec. 2 Monopolization/Attempt to Monopolize where Single firm conduct based on patent fraud or post grant misconduct, Enforcement as Anticompetitive Tool

A. Fraud and Antitrust Violations

Walker Process Equip., Inc. v. Food Machinery & Chemical Corp. 382 U.S. 172, 86 S.Ct. 347, 15 L.Ed.2d 247 (1965)

B. Misconduct and Antitrust

C. Litigation for Anticompetitive Purposes

VII Single firm antitrust based on creation or acquisition of rights

VIII Innovation, Restraints of Trade, Grantbacks.

IX Vertical and Horizontal Restraints

X Single Firm Non Price Restraints

XI Multiple firm antitrust based on combinations of non-price practices, licensing, multiple firm package licenses

A. Legitimate Settlements

B. Joint Ventures and Economically Efficient Cooperation

C. Restraints Unreasonable, Impact on Price

Standard Sanitary Mfg. Co. v. United States 226 U.S. 20 (1911)

XII Tie ins involving patents and intellectual property

A. Development of Per Se Rule and Market Power

B. Single Products, No Coercion & Market Definition


Elements of Tie Ins


Other Tie In Cases